Dear Man in my life:

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I am so tired of feeling unappreciated I am not your fucking slave!. Its not like I sit on my ass all day and do nothing. Taking care of the house, the kids, and you is no picnic. Its a lot more work then you think. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job. By full time I don't mean 5-6 days a week, 8-12hr shifts, I mean 24hrs a day 365 days a year. A matter of fact I highly doubt that you could last more than a few days in my shoes. (I'm being very generous with that statement!) I'm telling you this in hopes but not likely that you do more, appreciate me more, understand that I'm only human.

In the morning I have to get up at 7am to get Jazz up and ready for school. (this is not easy by any means) She fights me every morning, either its too cold or she is too tired or she has every ailment possible. When I finally get her out of bed, it take another 10-15 minutes for her to get dressed. No I cant just walk away after I tell her to get dressed because something always distracts her. Normally Jaidyn is up by now causing chaos, wanting breakfast and his cup filled. (following me screaming until he gets it) In the process of making breakfast for the two and dealing with Jaidyn I have to continuously check on Jazz who just cant stay focused for the five minutes it should take to get dressed so we don't run late. During breakfast I have to get her snack together for school and make sure everything is in her backpack that needs to be. This means, no breakfast for me! Just like every other task Jazmyn cant sit still long enough to eat unless I'm on top of her. At this point she has about 20 minutes left to brush her teeth and hair before heading out for the bus. Most times she forgets to do something like put her shoes on or brush her hair even though she was in the bathroom for ten minutes. Rushing her is out of the question because she will have a total melt down and end up going to school in tears. (which I don't want) Have you heard me say once that I sat down and relaxed? NO! Did I mention that your still home, just sleeping!

After Jazmyn leaves for school its Jaidyns turn to be needy while I try to get house work done, make calls, pay bills, ect.. I always have laundry to do, dishes to clean, messes all around the house. (Its never ending) While I'm cleaning one mess, Jaidyn is making another. If I'm on the phone or online hes screaming for my attention clawing at my legs, jumping off something, or getting into anything he can. Amongst all the craziness I try to fit in a bite to eat but usually can only get in a cup of tea. (that ends up too cold to finish) This continues until around noon when he demands lunch. I wish I could say he sits quietly to eat but not my devil child. He is either dumping or throwing his food all over. After lunch, its nap time. This means taking at least a half hour to lay down with him before he passes out. You see, Jaidyn doesn't or wont fall asleep on his own. While he is asleep I have to finish what tasks I can before Jazz comes home. I admit that there are times that I'm able to sit down but Its not for long. Did I mention that your still home but on the game! You couldn't even manage to let your dam dog out.

Jazz gets home around 3:30, always talking loud and slamming the door as she comes in. I think Ive told her 800 times to be quieter because her brother is sometimes napping. After she wakes Jaidyn I have to make them both a snack while dealing with his crankiness. They both are very needy and want my attention all the time so If you think I can do much while they are hovering over me MOM Mama MOM Mama you are wrong. Jazmyn wants to tell me about her day and Jaidyn wants to scream and claw at my legs. Did I mention I still have tons of crap to do! You say just leave the mess, not to stress about it but its not me. Besides you end up complaining at some point. At this point you are on your way out the door for work while me frazzled is still trying to get shit done. I have homework to tackle, dinner to make, animals to feed and the last bit of the daily chores to finish. I wish I could say you could help her with her homework but you don't even read the directions and so guide her wrong all the time. You don't sign her book or work either. I wish I could of asked you to do the laundry but you end up getting the clothes mixed up.(I don't fit in Jazmyns clothes and neither her in mine) Oh and at some point the kids need baths.

I so sugar coated my this but I'm sure you get the point! I DO NOT SIT ON MY ASS ALL DAY! I probably do more here than you do at work.


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Heidi said...

Mornings are the worst!

myevil3yearold said...

Mornings are rough inthis house too! I feel your pain.

Megan said...

That is one tough morning!

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