Bella and the UPS guy.

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First, let me explain to you that my dog Bella is not the aggressive type. She is very friendly even to strangers. The worst thing she might do is pee on you because that's what happens when she gets excited. On a normal day she greats you with a wag of the tail and kisses.

On Wednesday I had been waiting for a package all day so when there was a knock at the door I opened it with out thinking. Bella ran to the door barking and wiggling her tail as I opened it. I told her to sit and blocked her with my leg. The guy handed me the package and asked me to sign. He seemed OK with the dog sitting next to me at the door but then things went bad. As I was signing, I unconsciously let my guard down switching positions giving Bella room to get out. You see the delivery guy recognized me and we started to chat. Bella squeezed between my leg and the door frame just as I was handing the guy his device. I could not catch her. She wasn't trying to harm him, just say Hi but the guy freaked out. I have honestly never seen someone jump that high or run so fast. Before I knew it he jumped off the porch and started running towards his truck. Things just spun out of control from there because Bella thought he was playing so chased him close behind. I tried to tell him she wouldn't bite and to stop running but I was laughing so hard I could barley get it out. The guy did not stop until he was in his truck with the door shut behind him.

There was another delivery guy who got out the driver side to see what was going on. It just happened to be our regular UPS guy, so he knew Bella was harmless. He smiled at me and called to Bella. Bella ran over wiggling her tail soaking up the attention. I apologized and sent Bella inside. I feel so bad for the other guy, he never came back out of the truck. Every time I think of this I cant help but smile and laugh a little. I just had to share this!


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