The Good in my Life

Friday, December 10, 2010by Melissa | 2 comments | Labels: , , , ,

Today I am dedicating my blog to the positive things in my life. I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the negative that we fail to recognize the good in our lives.

I'm not trying to brag but I have the most amazing kids. My 8yr old Jazmyn is so beautiful. She has long dirty blond hair which seems to be darkening with age. Intense blue eyes which change depending on her mood. If they are gray stay out of her way. When she was just a couple months old she won first in the Sunburst USA beauty contest. It was kind of crazy cause the parents were actually putting makeup on their kids while I just put her in a pretty dress.(which I still have) She is intelligent, a straight A student. Her only weakness is writing her thoughts on paper which is getting better this year. She is very helpful most of the time unless its cleaning her room or picking out her own clothes in the morning. Although this morning with a lot of encouragement I was able to get her to pick her clothes out and get dressed. She has a great sense of style, I just wish she would use it more often. (Mom, I don't know what to wear!) I don't remember it being so difficult when I was a her age. The pressures in school probably don't help with that. She has a strong personality and takes no crap from anybody. In that way she is just like her mommy. Lets not forget her over exaggerated emotional side. I'm telling you sometimes she spends the whole day whining and crying about everything. Her biggest melt downs are when she cant beat a level in a video game or doesn't like what we made to eat. She also brings a new meaning to Big Sister. I'm telling you she is truly amazing with him. They have their moments of course but most times they are attached at the hips. Just the other day we were in McDonald's and I had to pee so she says "Go ahead mom Ill watch him". I may not of taken her up on that offer but what 8yr old volunteers to watch their baby brother. At this exact moment they are playing cars enjoying spending time with each other. You would think they would get sick of each other. Jaidyn is the first person she thinks of when she gets home from school. It is so cute! All these things make Jazmyn who she is and I wouldn't change any of it. (who am I kidding lol)

My 18 month old son Jaidyn has also been blessed with blue eyes and blond hair except he has little curls in the back. He is very smart, almost too smart. The only thing he is not doing at his age level or above is speaking. I think he is just listening and taking it all in because when you ask him to do something he will. Its like he understands what you are saying but cant voice it himself. I'm sure when he can talk I'll be begging him to shut up. He is a very helpful little boy, likes to help with laundry, dishes, sweep the floor, even picks up his toys when asked. If he makes a mess he will go to the cabinet and take a paper towel to clean it up or will pick up what he dropped and throw it out. The boy even puts his clothes in the hamper. I know it probably won't last but let me enjoy the moment. Sometimes him wanting to be helpful can get a little over whelming because he makes the task take longer. The kid even tells you when he needs to be changed by pulling at his diaper. I think the one thing about him that I cant figure out if I love or hate is how clingy he is. Sometimes I feel like the boy is smothering me but others I just cant get enough. What an amazing kid, I am so grateful to have him in my life.

I have to say I am also very lucky to have such a wonderful partner. He is really goofy and immature but he has a good heart and is there for me. Our kids get their blond hair and blue eyes from him. Sadly they look more like him than me. (but I'm not mad) He has been there for me in ways that I could never repay him for. He changed my father diapers on his death bed for gods sake. You know what else, he puts up with my intense personality. (anyone who knows me knows how hard that is)  He is not perfect by all means but he is mine. I know in my heart that he is who I will spend the rest of my life with. Its not even just what he does for me, its what he does for his kids. He may not be the perfect father but he tries his best.

These are just a few of the good things in my life. I feel I'm pretty darn lucky!


4timesblessed said...

Excellent post.. Love your perspective

Anonymous said...

Yeah. You would be hard to live with. LOL. The kids are beautiful. I'm glad you can see all the blessings you have :0)

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