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  Battenfield Tree Farm

Our Family trip to pick our tree 

After almost 2 hrs we found the perfect tree!

 The kids working hard 
 to cut the tree down

Now just to load it on the Tree Taxi so it can be brought down the mountain to be netted for the trip home

 The treacherous walk down.
     Brr It was cold!
we were awfully tired

Jazmyn next to a tree someone topped with a coffee cup
(She thought it was funny)

Warming up next to the fire pit
before heading home 

 The tree is up and ready to decorate

Time to eat!
(brown sugar ham, mashed potatoes) (veggies and biscuits)

 Decorated the tree and watched 
(Santa Claus 1,2,and 3)


Anonymous said...

Awww! Very nice. Dinner sounds yummy. Ugh though...I hate the whole tree business....way too cold, too much work and far too complicated. No thanks...I'll just go to Lowes!

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