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Today was just one of those days! I crawled out of bed at 7:15 only to find out there was a two hour delay and I could of slept in. I so could of used the extra sleep, my son has kept me up for two nights. I didn't mind having Jazmyn home because she kept Jaidyn occupied so I could attempt to get a few things done.(instead of taunting him) I was able to partially finish one of my tasks which was putting plastic up on the windows and make two phone calls. (yeah me!) Around 10:00 Jazz headed out to the bus stop only to return a few minutes later. Her bus had been in an accident down the street. I called the school only to be told that a new bus was already in route. Again I sent Jazz out to catch the bus but again she came back in saying the police told her to go inside. I called the school again and was told that the bus that was sent out missed our stop. I had to wait 20 min before they called back saying they were sending another one out. Finally after multiple phones calls and sending jazz out three times she got on the bus at around 11:40. Just the start to a wonderful day! (sarcasm)

After Jazz left Jaidyn started in with his crying. Nothing would calm him down! He went into my cabinet and got himself a pudding. Hoping this would calm him I opened it and sat him down. It did for a short while but it also made a huge mess! When he was done I figured a bath was in order so I started the tub. In the process of filling the tub he wiped his hands all over Jazmyn's couch. After getting him in the tub I attempted to clean the mess he had just made up. What a challenge that was since he didn't want to take a bath.(more screaming) I cleaned him up and laid him down for a nap. Thank god some peace, or so I thought. Instead of doing everything I was supposed to do I ended up on the phone with my mom helping her pick out my niece and nephews christmas gifts. Before I knew it Jaidyn came running into the living room screaming. I got really frustrated and yelled at him "will you shut up and go away". I know what a terrible thing to say but it just came out. Then I realized what time it was. It was almost 2:00 and he hadn't ate lunch yet so I made him lunch. I wish I could say that worked but he cried while he was eating too. I finally I just put his plate on the coffee table so it was in his reach and let him eat when he felt like it.

I had phone calls to make, the house house to clean, laundry to be done and folded. It may not seem like much but its hard when you have a kid either screaming in the back round, getting into to something or smothering you to death. At this point I had only got a few phone calls in and picked up the house a bit. I had one hr before I had to head out for my appointment. I took a chance, set up his blocks and hopped in the shower. That was a mistake! He dumped his lunch all over the floor, the blocks were everywhere and somehow he got  my eye glasses off the sink. Blind and frustrated I searched the house for my glasses. It was just luck I found them. (not broke or scratched) I finally was dressed and ready to go but the house was a mess. There was no time, I had to get to my appointment. After my appointment I had to stop at Micheal's craft store for the letter stencils I needed to finish Jaidyn's table and pick up a site to store shipment at Walmart. In the 2 1/2 hrs I was gone you would think Gus would of cleaned up a bit. Nope, I guess that was too much to ask. He did absolutely nothing the whole time I was gone except make dinner. (spaghetti with meat sauce) The house was more of a mess than I had left it.

I managed to scarf down my food while Gus prepared himself for darts. It wasn't long after he left that I realized, Jaidyn was soaked through everything. You would think Gus would at least change his son. This really frustrates me because he will do anything to avoid changing a diaper. At night if I don't get up with Jaidyn he wont get changed and Ill have to wash his bedding in the morning. If I could only make Gus see how it feels to wear his own pee and shit maybe he would make some effort. After giving Jaidyn another bath I started to clean up. Jazz needed to do her homework so I had to juggle cleaning and Jaidyn. It is so hard! He was running room to room turning on the radios and TV's. He ended up emptying yet another roll of toilet paper and wrecking Jazmyn,s room. Its like for every mess I clean up he makes 4 more. I just cant keep up anymore!I laid both the kids down in my bed and proceeded to start the letter stenciling on Jaidyn's table. It wasn't long before I got frustrated and gave up for the night.

Its 9:00, everything is finally quiet. I'm so tired but I need to vent. All I can think of is I have to do this all over again tomorrow. I feel like a single mom sometimes. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know this feeling. 2 words. Duct Tape. LOL

This part does eventually subside. Hang in there.

4timesblessed said...

Sounds like a tough morningf. I have had them too. I hope it gets better hun. Hugs

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