Worry wart!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011by Melissa | 1 comments | Labels: ,

My daughter is a little worry wart. She makes everything into something bigger than it is and gets overly upset about the littlest things. You might actually find this kind of humorous, I know I did.

The other day we were driving into town and the gas light came on, Jazmyn, my 8yr old  had a near heart attack because we didn't immediately go get gas. She says to me a few seconds after the ding went off " Can we get gas? "Putting it in the form of a question but saying it in a demanding way. I reassured her we would but that wasn't good enough. A few minutes later she says "Your wasting gas!" She didn't shut up about it till we pulled into a station. I told her we were fine and we would get gas soon. She still wouldn't let up, saying "I'm serious, we could break down at any second" in a very concerned voice. At this point her father chimed in saying "we were fine, that we would just run out of gas not break down". I don't know what possessed him to say that but it just got her going more. She was truly in a panic about the possibility of us running out of gas. The car didn't help matters because the stupid thing dinged again too. Jazz says " Yeah but will will get stuck and me and Jaidyn are here". How cute is that, she thought of her baby brother. I just ignored her, I was sick of hearing it. We were going to get gas but needed to do a few things first. A few minutes go by and she says " I'm serious we should really get gas!". She was loud and very assertive when she said this, almost like she wasn't giving us an option. We could see she was really distressed by it so went and got gas. It was cute but aggravating at the same time!


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Awww. Adorable.

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