Double Ear Infection!

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The past week has been hell for me, to put it lightly. Having two very sick kids is no fun to deal with. Two Thursdays ago both my kids came down with what I thought was a cold. They both had runny noses, congestion with cough, and were just plain miserable. I picked up some cold medication thinking it would help but I was very wrong.

Friday all my daughter wanted to do was sleep, she started running a fever, complaining that her head hurt. This concerned me because she is not one to lay around all day even if she is sick and this kid didn't move from the couch all day. It was a good thing they canceled school because she would of missed yet another day. My son at this point was just really cranky but other wise fine. He was running around causing havoc like usual! That night Jazz woke up screaming, talking about an orange pill, how she tried to stand up but.... (she never finished). She wasn't making any sense! It wasn't long before she calmed down and went back to sleep.

By Saturday things had gotten worse and my daughter was complaining of chest pain too. The chest pain was very alarming for me because she has asthma so I called the doctor. They were nice enough to call a script in for her inhaler. The problem with this was I had no way to get it so I steamed up the bathroom and had her drink black coffee. I'm told it helps open up the airways. She was good after this, so we were able to wait till morning. You see its been over a year since her asthma has acted up, so the inhaler I did have turned out to be expired (just my luck). My son at this point was just a really cranky but other wise fine. I think it also helped both of them that their Aunt and cousins came over for the night. I know, the kids were sick right! What was I thinking? It had been planned and my sister doesn't get to come over much due to transportation issues, so I followed through with it.

Sunday morning was the St Patrick's Day Parade and The Shamrock Run, something Jazmyn had signed up for in school. It was very important to her, she even wants to do the relay for life. She begged me to let her go, so I broke and said yes. Where was my motherly instincts than right! It was cold, windy, just not a day for a run or Parade. Jazz was running with my mom, niece and nephew originally but than my sister decided to run with her four kids too. This made me feel a bit better because now there would be two adults if Jazz couldn't handle it. I figured I would meet them half way just in case Jazz needed to stop (any of the kids for that matter). At the same time I could stay with my son for his first Parade. Well things didn't go as planned, Jazz ended up separated from both adults. She came walking down the sidewalk with my nephew instead of running. My nephew had ended up carrying her most of the way because her chest hurt. I was pissed, I had left her with two adults and neither one was with her. Not only was my daughter separated but she didn't have her inhaler either. It was back with my mother. It wasn't long before my mom came up the street and I was able to grab her. Jazz took the inhaler and decided to keep going. The problem was, I had no idea till her and my mother were already gone. I had turned my attention to my son for a second and they disappeared. Thank god Jazz was fine, she returned with my mother with no more problems. We went from the Parade to lunch, than home. My sister and her kids left later that night. My kids were exhausted so ended up passing out soon after she left. That night Jazz woke up screaming again! She was yelling "he is coming to get me". She curled up in a ball on her bed crying. It took about ten minutes to calm her down. She ended up sleeping in our room with us.

Monday morning I had enough and called the doctor. They were nice enough to see the kids right away. It turns out they both had ear infections. He prescribed them antibiotics and sent us on our way. I didn't want Jazz to get too behind so I went to the school to pick up her work. When I got there I was told that 52 kids had gone home the day before with similar symptoms as Jazz. The teachers exact words were "he kids are dropping like flies, they come in fine and go home sick". This was not what I wanted to hear. It must be the drastic changes in weather. When will the warm weather come and just stay?

The kids are still not better. Jazz finally felt good enough to go back to school Wednesday but is still congested. Jaidyn seems to be getting worse not better. I hate to sound like a terrible mom but I need this to end! I'm tired and overwhelmed!


Anonymous said...

I hope they are feeling better now. I hope you are feeling better now.

SAHMlovingit said...

Oh no! We've had 2 weeks of hell too - the dreaded norovirus struck my daughter and she had to go into hospital she was so ill, then I got it.

Hope you're all better soon.

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