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So my son has this new thing he does. He laughs about nothing and everything. It is so hysterical! I cant even yell at him when he is bad because he just covers his face with his hands whimpers a little then gives me a smile and cracks up. Is he really gonna get the point if I'm yelling and laughing at the same time?(I highly doubt it!)

Today I was busy cleaning in my bedroom when I heard splashing.Yeah you cant even imagine my disgust when I found him playing in the toilet. Normally leaving the seat closed stops him but he figured out. It gets worse because someone didn't flush, so not only was he playing in a toilet but a dirty toilet.(ahhhhh!) I stripped him down to nothing and started a bath. Bath time was about to be a lot earlier than usual. I tried to scold him but with no luck because he gave me a smile and started laughing. This kid found my weakness!

As I was finishing the bath I heard a giggle, so I turned around. There Jaidyn was peaking around the corner smiling with the chocolate in his hand. While I was filling the tub he decided to help himself to my baking chocolate. How can I be mad at him? He is so darn cute! He didn't even make a mess. He took the piece of chocolate and then put the box back in its place. What a trip this kid is. Its amazing how fast kids are. I feel like sometimes he is into something else before I can even take another breath.

I took the chocolate and put him in the bath. He loves the bath so I had a short while of peace or so I thought. Being the pain in the ass he is, he started throwing water out of the tub. I got soaked and what a mess!(at least it was just water and not toilet water) My peace and quiet didn't last very long as you can see. Now he wanted out of the tub. He grabbed the towel and nearly pulled it into the tub saying out. I obeyed the order and removed him from the tub. (LOL!) I honestly don't know what more he could do today!

Remember how I said I gave him a bath, well you should see him now. He got the rest of my baking chocolate while I was eating my breakfast. This time he made it obvious because like I said I cant scold him with a straight face. He emptied the whole box, leaving the box and wrappers on the pantry floor. I knew he was too quiet but I was just being hopeful. He is a mess once again but I will wait till later to give him another bath since he is in the mood to get into everything today.

Is it just me or does every mother have a hard time finding time to take care of themselves? I didn't even get to eat till about 10:30 today and I'm still not dressed. HELP!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love toddlers. Please for gods sake turn your comment moderation OFF LOL

4timesblessed said...

So funny.. love it when they are in that stage. As for Me time...umm..what is that? I can't even drink a hot cup of coffee.

n3sa rodrigu3z said...

Lol. Sounds like you got your hands full. Kids are so irresistable.

ProudUSARECWife said...

lol. I am so glad you stated that he is holding chocolate in the second pic because i was fearful it was directly from him playing in the "dirty" toilet

Jessica H said...

Have you seen the ENT yet? My son ended up with tubes, but unfortunately, that wasn't the problem. I would suggest waiting a few more months to see if your son progresses. If he doesn't, be sure to contact early intervention again-- as well as your physician. Good luck to you!

Melissa said...

I haven't seen an ENT but in the process of looking for one. Thanks for the advice.

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