Oh the looks I was getting!

Thursday, January 13, 2011by Melissa | 3 comments | Labels: , , ,

My kids, both of them seem to have abnormally loud voices. They pierce through your ears like nails on a chalk board. Normally I am able to keep them not very but somewhat calm and quiet when we go out. Well today was not one of those days.I had a few errands to run and Gus worked late so I was on my own. I realized after I had dropped him back off that maybe I should of just stayed home. We had to make a trip to the mall to get matching outfits for their pictures next Saturday.

It went fine at first, we went to target for shoes. They had some killer deals on dress shoes for Jazz and Jaidyn found this cute pair of Elmo slippers that he had to have. On the way to the register he took off his shoes and insisted I put on the his new Elmo's. I still had things to do but I complied with his request. Everyone else thought it was adorable, even complimented him on them. It was very cute but I also got looks like why the hell is the kid in slippers. I just ignored them.

Our next stop was The Children's Place to get the outfits. At this point Jaidyn was done shopping and just wanted to play. While trying to help Jazz pick something out Jaidyn slipped out the door twice. He even crawled under the table and was making faces out the display window at people. I thought to myself after this first 7min in the store "What the hell was I thinking not bringing his stroller". Jazz, thinking it would help started to laugh and play with him. They made me look like a mother who had no control of her kids. I cant blame people for starring and making comments when they were climbing on shelves, knocking things down, screaming and running all over the place. I really though I was gonna get kicked out. About 30 min after entering the store we left with $87 in clothes (two outfits). WTF!

I decided that maybe if I brought them to McDonald's to eat and play I would be able to get the rest of my errands done. They just acted even crazier there, running around screaming. I just couldn't get them to calm down. They were so load! I just kept asking them to calm down and apologizing for their behavior. I didn't know what else to do! The play room was ice cold so it was hard for them to keep their noisy asses in there. (sorry) I wish my 8yr old would act her age sometimes because she gets him riled up most times. The reason he was screaming was due to her chasing him. Its like she wants to be a baby again! Anyway I made it through. The kids seemed calmer now and I needed to get things done.

Off to the dreaded Walmart we go. The plan was to go in and get out but that just doesn't work for me in Walmart. I always realize there is more things I need or want. It was going very well at first, the kids were fairly quiet. Jazz was looking around at things, while Jaidyn chilled in the back of the cart. My girlfriend called, so I got distracted and took my eyes off of Jaidyn to grab shampoo. This was a big mistake on my part. He went tumbling out of the cart and cracked his head on the floor. I scooped him up to see if he was OK but he just wanted to cling to me. It took me ten minutes to calm him. After the tears slowed he seemed alright, just scared! Thankfully he didn't crack his head open, not even have a lump. The kid was so lucky. I finished our the little bit of shopping I had left with him in my arms.

What a nightmare this was! What people must think of me as a mother! How I feel at this very moment writing this!


Anonymous said...

It happens. I've had my kids land on the floor from the cart and I WAS standing right there, undistracted. I've even grabbed my toddler by his hair only a second before he ran into a busy highway. It happens.

n3sa rodrigu3z said...

Oh my gosh! Jayden just seems to be the baby that always get dropped or falls, but then he gets up cries his head off then wants to play again! He's a tough one :)

4timesblessed said...

I gave up questioning what other parents think of me. It doesn't matter what other's think but I can see how you feel about it as well.

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