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Monday, March 14, 2011by Melissa | 4 comments | Labels: , ,

The picture you see to your left was drawn by my 8yr old daughter the other day. Can you tell she was mad at me? I cant even be upset because she has a right to her feelings. I hate when she is mad at me but I guess that comes with being a mom. 

My daughter and I have always had a very good relationship but the last two years have been really rough for her. You see she was an only child for 7yrs, so when her brother was born there were some drastic changes. Changes that she is still struggling with. The princess is no longer the center of attention. She also has responsibilities that she didn't have before. I feel that she is old enough to clean her own room, put her clothes away, feed and water the animals on occasion, pick her own clothes out, etc.... I'm pretty sure you get the point! What a long list right! Not all of the changes came from having another child, some things changed because of her age. I want her to do well in school so I keep it simple but I also need her to take some responsibility. 

Now that I have gone way off course I will get back to the picture and explain what happened. We recently ran into this great deal at the dollar tree where I got two Cars organizers and a Cars art desk for a total of $4. (No this is not a typo) There was no way I was passing this up! Well some days I wish I did. She has her own desk and more than enough art supplies but just because Jaidyns is new she has to use it. Well when my son sees her using it of course he wants to use it. Need I remind you it was bought for him. She literally pushes him off the stool and fights with him over his own desk. Can you picture that, my 8yr old fighting with my 21 month old over his own art desk that she is way too big for by the way. 

The other day I had enough so when the fighting began I sent her to her room to use her own desk. Tell me, how was this an unreasonable request? To her it was the end of the world! A matter of fact she didn't even move, just ignored me, continued to draw and run her mouth. I had to walk away because if I didn't I was going to snap. When I came back she had went to her room. Thinking it was over and that she had calmed down I proceeded to her room just to reassure her that I wasn't mad. On my way I found the picture above hanging on my bird cage. You can imagine my surprise when I took it off and realized what it said. Truthfully I had to laugh, she has never done anything like this before. Hopefully I will have no more problems with the desk from this point out. I know, wishful thinking right!


4timesblessed said...

That is funny and yes, we seem to be able to upset our kids very quickly. LOL

SAHMlovingit said...

Aw bless you Melissa. It must be so hard for you when she behaves like that but I guess it's such a massive change for her life to have her brother turn up after all that time being the centre of attention. She's a very talented artist ;) It did make me smile a little too.

My daughter is centre of attention too and she only turned 2 last week. We do want to have another child and I'm kind of thinking we may try sooner rather than later.


Melissa said...

In a lot of ways the age difference is a good thing but it can cause issues too! Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I experience the jealousy and anger too. It sucks. I remember once, Damian was so pissed at me he was sending little notes saying all the reasons I was a terrible mother down the stairs with which only got him in more trouble. Kids are too much!

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